The Address
Davis, Fiona

Any Dream Will Do
Macomber, Debbie

Any Dream Will Do (Audio)
Macomber, Debbie

Any Dream Will Do (Large Print)
Macomber, Debbie

Barely Legal
Woods, Stuart

Barely Legal (Audio)
Woods, Stuart

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (Star Wars)
Golden, Christie

Before We Were Yours (Large Print)
Wingate, Lisa

Cook, Robin

Class Mom
Gelman, Laurie

The Color of Fear
Muller, Marcia

Crime Scene
Kellerman, Jonathan

Crime Scene (Large Print)
Kellerman, Jonathan

The Dark Tower Omnibus 2 Volume Set (Graphic Novels)
King, Stephen

Deadfall (Audio)
Fairstein, Linda

Devil's Cut: A Bourbon Kings Novel
Ward, J.R.

Doctor Who: Deep Time: A 12th Doctor Novel (Audio)
Baxendale, Trevor

Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Scottoline, Lisa

Exposed (Audio)
Scottoline, Lisa

Final Incal (Graphic Novel)
Jodorowsky, Alejandro

Glass Houses
Penny, Louise

Glass Houses (Audio)
Penny, Louise

Gone Gull
Andrews, Donna

The Good Daughter
Slaughter, Karin

The Good Daughter (Audio)
Slaughter, Karin

The Good Daughter (Large Print)
Slaughter, Karin

The Gunslinger (Audio)
King, Stephen

The House of Tomorrow
Bognanni, Peter

I Know a Secret
Gerritsen, Tess

I Know a Secret (Audio)
Gerritsen, Tess

Immortal in Death (Audio)
Robb, J.D.

Y  is for Yesterday
Grafton, Sue

Y is for Yesterday (Audio)
Grafton, Sue

King, Stephen

Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances
Green, John

Light in Shadow
Krentz, Jayne Ann

The Locals
Dee, Jonathan

Love in Plain Sight: Love 'n' Marriage/Almost an Angel
Macomber, Debbie

Map of the Heart
Wiggs, Susan

Meddling Kids
Cantero, Edgar

The Medical Examiner
Patterson, James

The Misfortune of Marion Palm
Culliton, Emily

The Mountain Between Us (Movie Tie-In)
Martin, Charles

Mrs. Fletcher
Perrotta, Tom

Murder on the Orient Express
Christie, Agatha

My Cousin Rachel
Du Maurier, Daphne

The Other Girl
Spindler, Erica

The Paris Spy: A Maggie Hope Mystery
MacNeal, Susan Elia

The Right Time
Steel, Danielle

The Right Time (Large Print)
Steel, Danielle

The Saboteur
Gross, Andrew

See What I Have Done
Schmidt, Sarah

Seeing Red
Brown, Sandra

Seeing Red (Audio)
Brown, Sandra

Brennan, Allison

Hardt, Helen

Sleeping in the Ground
Robinson, Peter

Stay with Me
Adebayo, Ayobami

The Store
Patterson, James

The Store (Audio)
Patterson, James

A Stranger in the House
Lapena, Shari

Sulfur Springs
Krueger, William Kent

Thief's Mark: An Unforgettable Mystery
Neggers, Carla

Things that Happened Before the Earthquake
Barzini, Chiara

Two for the Dough (Audio)
Evanovich, Janet

The Wise Man's Fear
Rothfuss, Patrick

You Say It First: A Small-Town Wedding Romance
Mallery, Susan


The Alice Network
Quinn, Kate

The Almost Sisters
Jackson, Joshilyn

Beautiful Tempest
Lindsey, Johanna

The Beguiled: A Novel (Movie Tie-In)
Cullinan, Thomas

The Breakdown
Paris, B.A.

The Breakdown (Audio)
Paris, B.A.

Rosenfelt, David

Crazy House (Audio)
Patterson, James

Dark Rites
Graham, Heather

Dating You/Hating You
Lauren, Christina

Fairstein, Linda

The Destroyers
Bollen, Christopher

A Distant View of Everything: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel
McCall Smith, Alexander

Down a Dark Road
Castillo, Linda

Down a Dark Road (Audio)
Castillo, Linda

Escaping HOme
American, A

Everything We Left Behind
Lonsdale, Kerry

The Fallen
Atkins, Ace

Final Girls
Sager, Riley

The Force (Large Print)
Winslow, Don

Forsaking Home
American, A.

From This Day
Roberts, Nora

A Game of Ghosts
Connolly, John

Going Home
American, A

Goodbye Vitamin
Khong, Rachel

Hello, Sunshine
Dave, Laura

House of Spies
Silva, Daniel

House of Spies (Audio)
Silva, Daniel

House of Spies (Large Print)
Silva, Daniel

The Incal (Graphic Novel)
Jodorowsky, Alejandro

Into the Water (Large Print)
Hawkins, Paula

Karnak: The Flaw in All Things (Graphic Novel)
Ellis, Warren

Kiss Carlo (Large Print)
Trigiani, Adriana

The Late Show
Connelly, Michael

The Late Show (Audio)
Connelly, Michael

The Late Show (Large Print)
Connelly, Michael

The Letter
Hughes, Kathryn

The Light We Lost (Audio)
Santopolo, Jill

Look Behind You
Johansen, Iris

Black, Saul

The Lying Game
Ware, Ruth

My Kind of You
Brogan, Tracy

The Painted Queen: An Amelia Peabody Novel of Suspense
Peter, Elizabeth

Paradise Valley
Box, C.J.

Paradise Valley (Audio)
Box, C.J.

Resurrecting Home
American, A

Rules of Civility
Towles, Amor

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters: The Perfect Beach Read of the Summer
Mallery, Susan

The Secret She Keeps
Robotham, Michael

The Silent Corner (Audio)
Koontz, Dean R.

Some Kind of Hero: A Troubleshooters Novel
Brockmann, Suzanne

The Summer House
McKinnon, Hannah

Surviving Home
American A.

Tom Clancy Point of Contact (Large Print)
Maden, Mike

Two Nights
Reichs, Kathy

Two Night (Large Print)
Reichs, Kathy

Use of Force (Audio)
Thor, Brad

Watch Me Disappear
Brown, Janelle

Watch Me Disappear (Audio)
Brown, Janelle

What We Lose
Clemmons, Zinzi

Garwood, Julie

Wired (Audio)
Garwood, Julie